Solstice / Equinox



Join us for our Spring Equinox Day of Dance: March 19th

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Come together for our quarterly friend meet-up group where we co-create non-profit camps around the Sleeping Bear Dunes in northern Michigan. Let's all hike, swim, play, camp, and create authentic movement together. Summer Solstice and Autumn Equinox are outdoor camps, and Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox are in a cozy indoor location (plus outdoor adventures). Email for more group meet-up details. 

Nurture body, spirit, and community through freestyle dance and creative self-expression. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to do their own unique, beautiful dance. 

Important Details

Imagine a group experience where we practice conscious connection in every point of contact and authenic movement. Where we relax, open up and express our full-range selves. Where we check in with each other about our impact. Where we practice asking for what we want. And where we trust that each individual is representing themselves honestly. Where “no” is an authentic expression of kindness and an investment in connection. And where “yes” is trustworthy and represents a genuine desire to connect.

Imagine how fun and freeing it would be to dance like this—on and off the dance floor—both with solo movement and in partnership. This is what we are striving for at our quarterly dance camp friend meet-ups

Join us for smoke-free, alcohol-free, substance-free, barefoot movement — we get high on dance! Our ecstatic dances will include various musical genres to encourage creative self-expression, connection, and play.

We consider dance camp to be an experience of community, a village of dear friends, and we rely on everyone to participate in making camp happen and keeping up the vibe. 

We ask that you refrain from using scented products at camp (perfume, cologne, essential oils, scented body lotions and sunscreen, etc.) as some members of our community are chemically sensitive and become ill when exposed to those products.

Dance camp is a warm and intimate environment. While we welcome healthy, playful expressions of sensuality, our friend group intends for camp to be a safe place that is as comfortable and respectful as possible, as this is a family-friendly environment. 

Our solstice and equinox dance camps endeavor to create supportive spaces for all. We ask all participants to be sensitive in their actions in the dance space and their speech and actions away from the dance.  Some of the basic principles include: respecting personal space of others, approaching others with awareness, identify and honor your own needs, use your words if necessary (even in a talk-free dance space or workshop), be mindful of parents/children and respectful of others with your sensuality, and honor and be aware of the myriad of differences in gender, race, sexual preferences, etc. while at camp.

Thank you for helping meet our community members' needs for safety, acceptance, and play.